Owing to the frequent and urgent solicitations of many of my friends, I am induced to make the following propositions:

1. I will fit a dollar to the end of a twig, two inches long, and while a second person will hold the other end in his mouth, so as to bring the coin within an inch and a half of his face, I engage to strike the dollar three times out of five, at the distance of ten paces, or thirty. I will add, in explanation, that there are several persons willing and ready to hold the twig or stick described above, when required.

2. I will hit a dollar, tossed in the air, or any other object of the same size, three times out of five, on a wheel and fire.

3. At the word, I will split three balls out of five, on a knife blade, placed at the distance of thirty feet.

4. I will hit three birds out of five, sprung from the trap, standing thirty feet from the trap when shooting.

5. I will break, at the word, five common clay pipe stems out of seven, at the distance of thirty feet.

6. I engage to prove, by fair trial, that no pistol shot can be produced who will shoot an apple off a man’s head, at the distance of thirty feet oftener than I can. Moreover, I will produce two persons willing and ready to hold the apple on their heads for me, when required to do so.

7. I will wager, lastly, that no person in the United States can be produced who will hit a quarter of a dollar at a distance of thirty feet, oftener than I can, on a wheel and fire.

I am willing to bet $5000 on any of the above propositions, one fourth of that amount forfeit. So soon as any bet will be closed the money shall be deposited in the Bank of the State of Missouri, until paid over by the judges or withdrawn less forfeit. I will give the best and most satisfactory reference that my share shall be forthcoming when any of my propositions are taken up. Any one desiring to take any of my propositions must address me by letter through the St. Louis post office, as the advertisements or notices of newspapers might not meet your eye. Propositions will be received until the last of September next.

Edmund W. Paul,
No. 140, Sixth street, between Franklin avenue and Morgan street, St. Louis, Missouri.


Source: Richmond Semi-Weekly Examiner 26 February 1856: 4. (Library of Virginia Archives).

Joe Essid, University of Richmond English Department, prepared this typescript.

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