Mississippi Militia--Ho ! for Oregon.--The following speech was delivered some years since by a Mississippi Militia General--we give it verbatim, et literatim, et spirit at'em*

Where would the British Lion be were such spirit more plenty in the land--Texas, Oregon, California and Mexico would be but a matter of moonshine, we could annex them all with a band of heroes breathing such determined valor, and such furious desperation, and threatened absence !

" FELLOW SOLDIERS ! elected from among you to be your Gin'ral, and bein about to be candidate before you agin, I thought I'd state to you, that I've found out at last what I was made for !--I was elected to the Legislator but found I wouldn't do thar, they made me a Justice of the Peace but it didn't suit me,--and I've bin Police Juror and Bridge Commissioner, but there was no field for me thar,--but at last you made me a Ginral and if thar is any thing I'm fitten for, it's that, and if ever the British Lion goes to growling on our shores, and the allied minions investigates our country, I'll be the first man to quit it !--HURRAY for MISSISSIPPI--MCNUTT AND ME ! ! !--HO--PEE !--HURRAY.

Louisiana Intelligencer.

Notes: New York Spirit of the Times 15.14 (31 May 1845): 156. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

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