Reports from the Carolinas and Georgia are horrible. A loss of over 200,000 bales is set down by Gov. HAMMOND on the 11th, as the figure for S. C. and Ga.

The light sandy lands, the red lands, uplands, clay lands are all short throughout MISSISSIPPI and LOUISIANA, the black lands, low lands--alluvial, will all yield well--whether they will, sufficiently well, to make up the deficiency in the states first named, is a question that no man of ordinary intelligence would attempt to decide until the crop is picked out,--ginned--pressed !

The opinion in favor of a deficiency of 250,000 from last year's figure, is increasing in New Orleans--but it is a matter of absurdity to attempt to calculate, to illustrate, or even to guess, with probable certainty, when certainty there is none--when you have no fixed fact to go upon ;--a storm to-day, the rust, or worm, a frost, a rain of few days--these and an hundred other incidentals and accidentals, may knock off from oen to three hundred thousand bales "just as easy."

An old lady, a friend of ours, high up on the Bœuff, once attacked us about our cotton notices--

"I tell you what it is, HONEY : its mighty ill-considerated in you newspaper folks to be a given uv your 'pinion 'bout the craps in the way you does ;--me and my old man and these four niggers they has bin a crappin here well nigh on to forty years--and we never could guess adzacly what our crap would turn out--twell it was baled !"

"The fact is a good many of these fellers what talk 'bout the craps is perfect iggler-rammusses, and don't know nothin no how. I caught a feller once a drawing uv a cuckle burr, and I axed him bout his intentions, and he told me he was paintin uv a cotton stalk to send away to make a pictur for some folks in the OLD STATES--but, Lord bless your soul HONEY--the cussed fool was a dressin up the cuckle burr ahead of all nater--and the fact is it would have looked mighty purty, but it wouldn't looked like neither a cuckle burr nor a cotton stalk. That was when I lived down on the A-mite--I called on old dog Boze and sick'ned him on the critter and druv him off for a cussed, blasted igglerrammus !"

Louisiana Intelligencer

Notes: New York Spirit of the Times 15.34 (18 October 1845): 402. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

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