Anecdote of a Pointer Dog.

A while since a gentleman travelling up the Mississipi river had as a companion a remarkably fine pointer dog ; he seemed to possess every intelligence but that of speech. Among the many tricks he performed was that of carrying notes from gentlemen to ladies in the cabin, and from causes we leave philosophers to decide on, the dog would lay a note, after considerable smelling about, into the lap of any lady, whose husband had sent the note [1]--while if any gentleman sent a note into the ladies' cabin, who had no wife there, he would bring it back. This was done repeatedly and always with success. A young buck on board, to shew his wit, sent a note with his name on it, in full, into the ladies' cabin, jocularly remarking to the dog, " If you are so smart, give that to my wife." The dog, contrary to expectation, returned without the note ; a shout was heard in the ladies' cabin, as the intelligent animal placed the note at once at the black chambermaid's feet. The best of the joke was, the young gentleman had made his attentions to the said chambermaid unpleasantly conspicuous to the ladies. After his exposure he disappeared. T


Source: New York Spirit of the Times 12.25 (20 August 1842): 290. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

[1] Original text reads note"

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