Strange captions to advertisements often catch our eye, and force an involuntary smile from us at their absurdity. Our fraternity located in the West, frequently cry out (more particularly in the winter season), "I want wood ! I must have money ! Bring me some bacon, flour, or maple sugar !" Dunning notices are alarmingly headed, Fire ! Fire ! Stop ! Stop ! Read ! I must be heard ! The tract distributors head their advertisements with the unctious words: Peruse, reflect, and be saved ! A gentleman, in Mississippi, cautioning the public against trading with his negroes, has it: "Look here Suckers !" The administrators of estates shout out, "Pay up ! Pay up !" Our parade and review advertisements startle us with the war sounds of "To Horse ! To Horse !" Itinerant puppet show gentry surprize us with "Great and unrivalled attraction ! Sublime Feats, &c." But to enumerate them would require more time than the printer of a morning paper possesses: So that we must leave it to those overburdened with patience and stocked with leisure.

Louisiana Advertiser.


Source: New York Spirit of the Times 7.4 (March 11, 1837): 28. University of Virginia Alderman Library.

Erin Bartels prepared this typescript.

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