eading critically is important with any text that claims to educate, persuade, or inform its readers. You do not unthinkingly accept Rousseau's arguments just because they are printed in a book and you will not want to accept without examination arguments published in other media either. The book has been a popular medium for disseminating ideas for nearly 550 years. One of the newest media is the one you are using now, the Internet, especially the World Wide Web. Publications (every web site is a publication) in this medium also require an alert and critical reader.

Below you will find a list of URLs for web sites related to Rousseau or ideas he expressed in the Second Discourse. Like any other text, a web site should be analyzed and evaluated in terms of its ideas, reliability, relevancy, and interest. Examine a few sites and then answer the questions that follow for any two sites that interest you.

--Marcia Whitehead, Boatwright Library