1. As you look at the web site, can you find the name of a person or organization responsible for it (check for a link to a main page if you can find no other clues). How knowledgeable are they likely to be on this subject? What evidence do they offer to support their claims? Is there reason to suspect bias?

2. What evidence do you find in the text or design to indicate the readers for whom this site is intended?

3. What is the purpose of the site? To provide general information? To persuade? To entertain? To explain? (Note: these motives may overlap.) What is your reason for thinking so?

4. When was the site last updated? Why might this be important?

5. Do the links lead you to any useful related material?

6. Is the text easy to read? Does the structure make sense? Do the graphics contribute to your understanding or appreciation? What would you change to make this site more effective?

7. Is the World Wide Web a good medium in which to find publications about Rousseau? All of these sites were found using standard Internet search software and keywords such as "Rousseau," "natural law," and "inequality."