Core 101-102, Dr. Essid
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Class Policies


  • Midterm (closed book): 20%
  • Final (closed book): 25%
  • Two major papers (20% each): 40%
  • Participation (quizzes, critical questions, discussion): 15 %

Writing Fellows

  • Sarah Gilbert & Angela Campagnoli are the Writing Fellows for our class. They have trained with me to learn about my requirements for writing, and they'll provide written feedback on the drafts of each paper you write
  • I do not guarantee a higher grade after working with the Fellows, but in practice my Core sections with Fellows score, on average, half a letter grade higher than those without Fellows
  • You will be required to turn in a complete, typed draft of each paper to me before the final is due to me. You'll then meet with your Fellow, who will discuss your questions about the draft and suggest strategies for revision
  • If you fail to submit a draft or miss your conference with your Fellow, you lose 1 full letter grade on the paper, no exceptions
  • In addition to getting the Fellows' help, I encourage you to visit the other tutors who work in our Writing Center. See the Writing Center page for details.

Attendance, Assignments

  • 2 absences, no questions asked. Work due is still due that day. After the second skip, you lose a partial letter grade per absence from your final grade in the course; no exceptions except for away games. If you plan to leave early for a vacation, that's a skip. Athletes should get me a schedule for their sports. Save your 2 skips for illnesses and emergencies.
  • Missing an exam results in an F for the exam, without exception
  • Late work loses a full letter grade per day late, no exceptions
  • Missing a quiz in-class means a zero for that quiz
  • Being late for class reduces the participation grade.


  • Keep up with the reading. Getting behind will really hurt with exams, and I will routinely administer short quizzes at the start of class. They will help us with our discussion; if you've not done the reading, I'll know and will dock your participation grade accordingly
  • Be prepared to lead discussion. After our first week I'll be appointing a few of you as discussion leaders every week (details to follow)
  • Speak your mind in class--any serious point or question that is welcome. When you do not understand something from a reading, ask
  • You will do better in Core when you make careful notes, read slowly, and re-read. Many of the books are complex, and you will not get "the gist" by a quick run-through
  • Shy? Don't want to speak in class? Come see me in my office, and never hesitate to come by for help with texts that give you trouble.

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